WHO are we?
We are a passionate experienced team of industry recognized blockchain developers, statisticians, engineers and AI experts. The depth of our top-notch team allows us to offer sophisticated custom end-to-end solutions. 

By its nature, blockchain is disruptive. Its technology and uses are evolving fast. There’s no time to be distracted by unimportant shifts, and no room to ignore important opportunities. We know what deserves attention and what doesn’t. Security is our highest priority at every step. We’ll demystify the blockchain possibilities as we guide you through your options. Understanding your goals and focusing on what will get you there is our core strength.

What is blockchain technology and how can it help your business?

The blockchain is a shared, permissioned or permissionless and replicated ledger with immutability, consensus, provenance and finality. There are many different use cases and some require privacy, others may require anonymity making the decision of whether using a public or private blockchain solution crucial.

Transactions are verified/endorsed by relevant and appropriate participants
Terms embedded in transaction database and executed with transactions
Distributed system of append-only records shared across business network
Transactions are authenticated, secure & verifiable. Appropriate visibility is ensured
When is blockchain technology most useful?


There is a need for shared visibility of data or transactions between participants in the business network



The information to be shared must originate from more than one participant and multiple organizations must provide data & execute transactions



There is no inherent trust for any one party to hold the data and the need for a single source of truth within the network is present



There is a desire to not have a central gatekeeper to verify transactions and store data

Our services

Ratio.io helps companies take advantage of blockchain technologies. Opportunities exist in every industry. The companies who understand the capabilities of trust-based activities will be the ones to ultimately dominate their space. Whether you’re funding a blockchain company, starting one, or interested in learning about the benefits of blockchain for your business, our team can help you determine a plan to accelerate your growth. We can assist you with the development of Smart Contracts, ICO portals, dApp architecture & integration, security and code audits and much more.

blockchain consulting

Analyze your opportunities and determine if blockchain is the right solution for your business

Technical Advisory

Develop a strategy for maximizing the best technical approach. Create custom software architecture for your private blockchain

ICO Consulting

Develop smart contracts to support crowdfunding, auctions, wallets and more. Whitepaper technical advisory and development of technology strategy

Proof of concept

Conduct proof of concept blockchain testing and orchestrate a successful rollout of your total application


Develop browser-based front ends, user interfaces and dashboards according to your needs

AI & Machine Learning

Machine learning and AI modeling. We analyze your data sets and suggest opportunities to increase revenue and reduce operational costs

Tell us about your project

Every client has unique needs. Would you like to know how to incorporate blockchain technology with your business? Or do you already have a plan and need help executing your vision? Get in touch with us and we are ready to discuss your requirements.

Ratio.io is a Toronto, Ontario based blockchain development studio with a distinct vision of disrupting established industries with innovative and custom end-to-end blockchain solutions.

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